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Aneta Campos, Founder & President

Aneta was born in Louisville, KY and raised in Bahia, Brazil. She attended the Universidade da Bahia-Brazil where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Languages, with an emphasis in Multi Culture International Communications. Further developing her multilingual and cultural skills, Aneta also became certified as a Business Culture Instructor. In 1996, she moved back to US and has lived in Saint Louis, MO for the past 16 years.

For over 15 years, Aneta has been working as a Portuguese Sr. Linguist as well as a Sr. Customer Operations Specialist at MasterCard Worldwide.

Her proudest personal accomplishment was taking part in the initial launch of the Beca’s Five annual walk where she watched as her daughter Beca inspired the hundreds of participants who came to support her through an unforgettable speech, expressing her gratitude and announcing her vision for this annual community event to bring people together for years to come.

The idea for Blackout Melanoma initiated from this sad and painful malignant melanoma diagnosis for her beautiful and loving daughter Beca.  Yet, despite the horrific news, Beca remained full of courage, resilience, determination and an amazing faith which inspired Aneta even more to quickly step up and help her little girl Beca launch this energetic movement.

Now, as an organization, Blackout Melanoma is working to continue Beca’s mission and dream through fundraising events, and the three awesome committees: the Education Committee, the Beca’s Care Program, and the Clinical Research Committee. Aneta is proud and honored to be involved and serve as liaison with all of them and is convinced that they will and are already making a difference in the community. All of the efforts are made in hopes of one day having a generation worldwide where prevention and detection are the norm and Aneta’s hope is eventually find a cure.

Aneta is not only passionate about the mission, which states that “Blackout Melanoma educates, advocates, and provides resources to secure a generation free of Melanoma”, but she is in love with it. She dedicates herself wholeheartedly to fight the fight to make this mission a reality for each and every one.

∞ Together we can educate ∞ Together we can provide hope ∞ Together we can save lives ∞

This was and is Beca’s, Aneta’s, and Blackout Melanoma’s true dream…

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