Our Mission

Educate, Support, & Research

Blackout Melanoma’s mission is to educate, advocate, and provide resources to secure a generation free of Melanoma.

Blackout Melanoma is an energetic movement that was launched in the midst of pain of one beautiful, brave, determined and loving young woman to bring hope for a generation free of melanoma to so many others.

Blackout Melanoma is working to fulfill the vision of Rebeca “Beca” Shults Campos. Even in the face of her own devastating diagnosis with Stage IV metastatic melanoma, Beca had the energy, resilience, and dedication to help launch Blackout Melanoma. Beca wanted to educate, advocate, and provide resources to help secure a generation free of melanoma. Even though Beca lost her fight to this deadly disease, her determination, spirit, and courage continue through Blackout Melanoma.

As an organization, Blackout Melanoma is working to continue Beca’s mission. All of our efforts are in hopes of one day having a society where prevention and detection are the norm, and effective treatments for metastatic melanoma are widespread and accessible to all.

We look back and remember our struggles and our victories. We look to the future and smile optimistically. The possibility of a world void of melanoma is achievable. Until that day comes, we will do all that we can to educate the community on the dangers of melanoma, provide resources to help prevent, and support those that have been affected by this devastating disease.

Together we can educate. Together we can provide hope. Together we can save lives.

Blackout Melanoma’s programs are built upon three pillars:


Our Education Pillar provides resources, preventative and lifesaving safety tips to help educate our community about the dangers of skin cancer and melanoma.  Knowledge is power, and prevention and early detection can save lives.

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Our Support Pillar is our Beca’s Care program which provides emotional and financial support to individuals currently diagnosed with stage III/IV metastatic melanoma. As patients and families navigate the challenges of life onset by this viscous disease, we provide hope to those in need.

Click here for eligibility requirements and to apply for our Beca’s Care Program

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Our research pillar is continually growing. We partner with medical leaders to help support prevention, discovery, and medical explorations. Research funds will support and continue to help in the advancement of treatments that will someday create a cure for melanoma.

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