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Local nonprofit gives $5,000 grant donation to the foundation for Barnes Jewish Hospital to help support Covid-19 front-line healthcare workers


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June 9, 2020

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Aneta Campos, Founder and President Blackout Melanoma

(636) 579-0640


(Chesterfield, MO) – Blackout Melanoma recently donated a $5,000 grant to The Foundation for Barnes Jewish Hospital to support Covid19 front line nurses, doctors, and front-line health care workers.

Pictured is Susan Ell, Executive Director and Vice President of The Foundation for Barnes Jewish Hospital accepting the grant award on the foundations behalf.

Blackout Melanoma founder and president, Aneta Campos, is the mother of Rebecca “Beca” Shults Campos. Beca was a patient at Barnes Jewish Hospital several years ago while she fought for her life during her Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma diagnosis. Beca was cared for by some of the very same doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers that are currently at Barnes Jewish Hospital. Although Beca lost her fight to Melanoma her legacy lives on in the nonprofit Blackout Melanoma, that her and her mother started before she passed.

During the difficult times we are going through with the COVID19 pandemic, and in honor of Beca, the doctors, nurses, and all that took care of Beca during her treatment Aneta Campos and Blackout Melanoma wanted to say thank you and offer just a small bit of help.

Through the Rebeca “Beca” Shults Campos Melanoma Research Fellowship Grant that was established to partner with medical leaders, Campos made a donation of $5,000 to The Foundation for Barnes Jewish Hospital this month.

The funds are to be used to best serve those nurses, doctors, and health care workers on the front-lines of this pandemic. Whether that be to help purchase much needed medical supplies and protective gear, to help pay for transportation or lodging for the staff that are unable to go home to their families, or to simply help feed those front-line staff members.

It was Blackout Melanoma’s way of saying thank you for their service, for putting their community ahead of their own well-being, and to say thank you for all that they are doing to fight this pandemic.

It was a pleasure to learn firsthand of Aneta’s daughter Beca and the outstanding care she received by Dr. Morris and team. It is an honor and privilege to work with Blackout Melanoma and I can’t tell you how much this gift will mean to those healthcare heroes on the frontlines of this pandemic.

 – Kristin Anderson Redington, Philanthropy Officer, The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital

“Blackout Melanoma will not stop educating, advocating, and funding research until they find a cure. My daughter Beca would always say: “Be aware, take time to share, show that you care.” We are honoring her by making this donation and we know that if she were here with us still, she would have been the first one to speak up and want to do this.” Stated Aneta Campos

About Blackout Melanoma

Established in 2010 by Rebeca (Beca) Shults Campos and Aneta Campos, Founder and President of Blackout Melanoma; Blackout Melanoma is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity organization that educates, advocates, and provides resources to secure a generation free of Melanoma. While the mission sounds simple enough, achieving it is not.  To complete their mission, and to continue in the spirit of Beca Campos, Blackout Melanoma has developed a three pillar/program approach: education, support, and continued research.

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