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Press Release January 2015

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January 9, 2015

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(Chesterfield, MO) – Blackout Melanoma continues their partnership with Washington University School of Medicine and awards their second $10,000 check as part of a five year $50,000 research grant.

Pictured left to right: Aneta Campos, Founder and President of Blackout Melanoma; Dr. Lynn A. Cornelius, MD Winfred A. and Emma R. Showman Professor in Dermatology, Chief Division of Dermatolog; and Dr. Shivani Tripathi, MD Research Physician in Division of Dermatology (Not pictured: Dr. Gerald P. Linette, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine in Medical Oncology)

Blackout Melanoma has partnered with Washington University School of Medicine’s Dr. Gerald P. Linette, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Medicine in Oncology, and whom also cared for Beca during her personal battle with melanoma.

Blackout Melanoma’s Rebeca Shults Campos Melanoma Research Fellowship Grant is the first of what they hope will be many research grants to be awarded. These are just a few of the first in many steps to be taken in finding a cure for melanoma and helping to “Blackout” this deadly disease. The research grant is already being put into action.

Dr. Cornelius stated “We are developing a study to look at the melanomas that develop in young women who used tanning beds… Dr. Linette will also be working with patients who have a form of skin lymphoma Cancer.” She added “Dr. Linette attends all of our conferences, and sometimes presents melanoma cases in our multidisciplinary conference that she attends.”

Founder and President of Blackout Melanoma, Aneta Campos, feels confident in their decision to award this grant to Washington University School of Medicine and is happy with the direction they are taking. Dr. Linette is/has written several papers and is taking part in an on-line case presentation publication on the side effects of targeted therapies of the type used in melanoma.

“Blackout Melanoma will not stop educating, supporting and funding research until they find a cure. My daughter Beca would always say: “Be aware, Take time to share, Show that you care.” We are honoring her and doing just that.” Stated Aneta Campos

Blackout Melanoma programs are providing knowledge about melanoma, the most common cancer in young adults. Blackout Melanoma shares facts about melanoma including the risk factors as well as prevention and detection techniques. They do their best to educate all those who will listen about the dangers of skin cancer in order to protect all members of our community from the dangers of melanoma. Knowledge is power and knowledge can save lives. What we do now to our skin will affect us the rest of our lives.

You can take preventative steps today. Visit your dermatologist at least once a year, familiarize yourself with every mole, freckle and spot on your body and take notice of any change. Prevention and detection are the keys to healthy skin.

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