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Stories From The Families We Serve

Through our Beca’s Care Program, Blackout Melanoma provides emotional and financial support to individuals currently diagnosed with stage III/IV metastatic melanoma. As patients and their families go through the challenges of life onset by metastatic melanoma, it’s important that we continue to provide security and hope to them.

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Our Beca’s Care Families truly thank you for the support that you provide during this challenging time for their families. Below are updates on these incredible families along with their sweet gratitude:


Lora Wellington

Meet Lora, her melanoma fight began in March 2020. She had a tumor on her upper thigh that was removed, it turned out to be melanoma, Stage 1B. There was a 97% chance it would not spread to nearby lymph nodes, 3% it would. Lora had full body scans every 90 days, oncologist appointments every…

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Tammy Riley

“… Have there been days that I have wanted to give up and have begged God to please just let me die because I can’t take any more pain? Yes…many. But I haven’t died. And I am here, writing this to you about me…Nearly 2 1/2 years later after having been diagnosed with Stage Three…

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The Alsop Family

“Blackout Melanoma has been here to support me financially and physically along with my parents. I don’t know what I would do without such great people holding my hand and being positive when I can’t for myself!! It means the WORLD to me!!! They are not just a regular group. They are my FAMILY!!!” Felicia…

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The Baldwin Family

UPDATE: (May 2020) “We are so thankful for the Blackout Melanoma organization, they have continued to support and care for our family throughout our entire cancer journey. Their support has made it possible for us to be able to travel out of state, to MD Anderson in Texas for my husbands cancer treatment. We are…

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The Dunning Family

Diane Dunning Age 29, of Granite City, Illinois, formerly Spencer, passed away peacefully on Friday, August 17, 2018, at IU Hospice House in Bloomington. May she rest in peace. “My name is Ashley Dunning and I live in Granite City, Illinois. Currently I receive treatment in Houston, Texas at MD Anderson Cancer Center. I finally…

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The Owen Family

“My name is Samantha Owen and I live in Wentzville Missouri with my amazing seven-year-old son Kyler. I am currently receiving treatment for Malignant Melanoma at DePaul cancer center in Lake St. Louis. My cancer treatment consists of IV infusions of chemotherapy/immunotherapy every 2 weeks, blood work and lab draws every 2 weeks, and PET…

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