Blackout Melanoma’s Beca’s Care Program provides emotional and financial support to individuals currently diagnosed with stage III/IV metastatic melanoma.

As patients and their families go through the challenges of life onset by metastatic melanoma, we will provide security and hope to those in need.

To read more about our Beca’s Care Families, please click here.

To Apply

Eligibility requirements:

-Patient is actively seeking treatment

-Diagnosed with Stage III/IV metastatic melanoma

-Resides in the St. Louis Metro area

-Male or female, age 18-36 years old

-Patient is seeking financial support; household income does not exceed 350% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines


Patient/family will need to complete the Blackout Melanoma Application form and provide us with documentation such as: 

-Proof of income for each member of the household (recent tax return, pay stub, bank statement showing direct deposits, etc.)

-Copy of driver licenses and/or passport.

-Healthcare professional referral is required.


Blackout Melanoma’s sponsorship will cover expenses such as:

• Travel to/from the hospital (car, plane tickets, trains, etc.)

• Groceries

• Rent payments

• Utilities

• Car or home repairs


For more information about the Support Pillar or the Beca’s Care Program, please contact Caitlin Shapiro at