Our Mission

We look back and remember our struggles and our victories. We look to the future optimistically and smile. The possibility of a world void of melanoma is achievable.  But until that becomes a reality, we want to do everything we can to educate, support, and help save lives.

Our mission is simple:

Blackout Melanoma educates, advocates, and provides resources to secure a generation free of Melanoma.

Our Approach 

While the mission itself is simple enough, achieving it is not.  To complete our mission, and to continue in the spirit of Beca Campos, Blackout Melanoma has developed a three tiered approach to for success. The three tiers, or pillars, Blackout Melanoma is built upon are educationsupport, and continued research.

For more information on the individual pillars click below:

Education   Support   Research

We continue to work hard to carry on Beca Campos’s fight. As an organization, we have set out to do whatever we can to help prevent melanoma, educate anyone who will listen, and support those who need our help. For information on how you can help, please click here.


Blackout Melanoma is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.