Beca’s Care Family Thanks & Holiday Wishes 2017

Our Beca’s Care Families truly thank you for the support that you provide during this challenging time for their families. Below are updates on these incredible families along with their sweet gratitude:


“My name is Ashley Dunning and I live in Granite City, Illinois. Currently I receive treatment in Houston, Texas at MD Anderson Cancer Center. I finally agreed to a clinical trial which involves an investigational chemo. We are also gearing up to do a T-cell transplant after extracting and growing billions of my own cells. So far, we’re gaining ground as my previous doctor said I wouldn’t survive to see August. I’m so thankful for Blackout Melanoma and Beca’s Care supporters because I would otherwise not be able to travel back and forth for the 30 hour round trip. This year I’ve been blessed to see my family on Thanksgiving and look forward to Christmas with them as well. Heading into the new year I’m excited about my options and what new treatments may become available to me.”



We are the Baldwin Family from Joplin Missouri. Rob, Kaitlin and our 3 year old son Zachary.

Rob receives treatment at MD Anderson in Houston Texas. As of now he has active tumors in his skull bone and in both lungs. His current treatment of taking Mekinist and Tafinlar seems to be keeping things stable, but unfortunately the drugs have done a lot of damage to his heart. Robs doctors have lowered the dose of his medications and changed when they are to be taken to try and help give his heart time to rest. As of now Rob has echocardiograms to check his heart every month and scans every 6 weeks. If his heart function continues to drop, they will be taking him off his current treatment and we will begin the search to see if there are any other options available.

It’s hard to put into words how much of a blessing Blackout Melanoma has been for us. They have continued to support us emotionally and financially throughout our entire cancer journey. The group of people that make up Blackout Melanoma have became like family to us. They are truly the kindest, most caring people and they are there anytime we need them. We are so grateful for everything they continue to do for us.

This journey is not an easy one, but with God, Blackout Melanoma and our amazing families supporting us, it’s possible.

We say thank you often to the people that make up the Blackout Melanoma, but if your reading this and you’ve donated to this organization we want you to know that your changing lives. This organization has been a God send to our family and to so many other families.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.












My name is Samantha Owen and I live in Wentzville Missouri with my amazing seven-year-old son Kyler. I am currently receiving treatment for Malignant Melanoma at DePaul cancer center in Lake St. Louis. My cancer treatment consists of IV infusions of chemotherapy/immunotherapy every 2 weeks, blood work and lab draws every 2 weeks, and PET scans done every 3 months. So far, the treatment is going well and PET scans are coming back good. I would just like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone with Blackout Melanoma and each and every one of our supporters. You guys have been like a second family to me and my son and have helped us beyond words and I am forever grateful!!! Thank you for everything you do and Please keep up the amazing work!!!!

Samantha Owen