A Dedication From Aneta


















The date approaches and soon to be here, when our sweet Beca has been with the Lord for three years.

She was too young and vibrant to leave as she did, we continue her mission through it, and keep her vision alive.

We educate to make people of all ages listen to the melanoma risk factors, advocate to make people aware of this deadly disease, and provide resources and support to those in need.

A melanoma free generation was and is Beca’s dream, so we honor her wish and we fight to achieve this.

Blackout Melanoma was created for all to share, in prayer, in spirit, in love and care.

We unite for the battle against this horrific disease, to conquer its stronghold, to eliminate and cease until we find a cure.

Many events have taken place to help emerge Beca’s vision, 5K’s, silent auctions, a Day at the Ballpark with the Cardinals, Parkway health fairs and The Wheelhouse are on a mission, to show this disease, that we will not stop,  we will not pause.

So on this day we encourage, beg and plead, enjoy your sunshine, but do it responsibly.

Many thanks go out to all who support and share Beca’s vision to bring AWARENESS.


As Beca would say:

Be Aware, Take Time to Share, Show that you Care


Aneta Campos

Founder of Blackout Melanoma