Matt Taylor

Marketing Committee Chair

Matt is from St. Louis, Missouri where he currently resides with his girlfriend. Matt graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia in 2004 with a Bachelors of Fine Art, and in 2011 he graduated from Webster University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production. He is currently working as a video editor and animator for Brighton Agency – a marketing and advertising agency in Clayton, Missouri.

Matt is a big sports fan and for the second year in a row he won his Fantasy Football league.  Though not terribly prestigious, he proudly gloats to fellow league members and is looking forward to this season and hopefully a three-peat performance.

Matt went to school with Ryan Shapiro and grew up with the Shapiro family, living a neighborhood away and often spending time at their home.  Matt was introduced to Beca as Kyle Shapiro’s girlfriend on a visit home from college.

Matt’s mother was diagnosed with malignant lung cancer in 2010 and his family’s struggles paralleled those of Beca and her family.  Dealing with his mother’s fight against cancer Matt leaned on the Shapiros for support, and offered his where he could. Beca’s and Matt’s mother’s passing were with in months of each other and the love and support helped get him through a lot of the tough times.

If only given one word to describe Beca, Matt would chose “Beautiful,” not only her looks, but also her spirit and courage.

When Blackout melanoma was founded, Matt was asked originally to help with the website maintenance a marketing, and eventually accepted an invitation to join the board.

As Chair of Marketing Committee, Matt has a hand in a lot what goes on with all the pillars Blackout Melanoma stands on.  He is the go to “web” guy and happily helps in other areas when and where needed.

“I’m passionate about this organization and this cause because I hate cancer – All of it.  I’m glad to be a part of something that’s progressive, educational, and helpful.”

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