Maggie Laskowitz

Board Vice Chair

Maggie was born and raised in St. Louis and currently resides in the St. Louis Hills area of South City.  She attended Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and Paris American Academy in Paris, France.  She graduated in 2009 from Stephens and received her BFA, Fashion Design and Product Development.

With her drive for fashion design, Maggie accepted a position as headwear designer at PAiINC.  She currently holds the position of headwear designer for Private Label Brands.  Designing for licensed brands such as Perry Ellis, Ben Sherman and Robert Graham.  She continues to strive for the best and take on new challenges and opportunities.

The close friendship with Beca Campos brought Maggie to Blackout Melanoma.  Maggie and Beca met while attending Stephens College, ever since then their friendship grew stronger.  To Maggie, Beca was inspiring with her spirit never faltering throughout the struggle with cancer.  Beca was everyone’s strength, even after she passed her presence was still strong and alive in each of us.

Maggie sits on the Marketing Committee for Blackout Melanoma.  With her experience in the design world she has helped mold the look of Blackout Melanoma.  She strives to bring and continue Beca’s vision into this ever so expanding organization.

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