About Us

Blackout Melanoma envisions a society where prevention and detection is the norm, and effective treatments for metastatic melanoma are finally widespread and accessible.

We want a Melanoma Free Generation.  And we are going to get there. But it won’t be because of any single person or effort. The passion and the hard work of the Blackout Melanoma’s Board of Directors and Advisors are what makes reaching this goal possible. Meet some of the exceptional individuals whose tremendous contributions keep Blackout Melanoma moving forward – click a name for more information.

Aneta Campos, Founder and President

Rick Shapiro, Business Advisor

Caitlin ShapiroBoard Chair

Tena HarjoeBoard Co Chair 

Maggie LaskowitzBoard Co Chair

Andy Temple, Treasurer 

John EllisSecretary

Dee DuncanResearch Committee Chair

Matt Taylor, Marketing Committee Chair

Nicole SchmidtBoard Member

Kathryn IrwinBoard Member


For more information on how you can help Blackout Melanoma and help secure a melanoma free generation, please click here.